Friday, 10 January 2014


Mystical colours; magical music

Bliss in every form and hue

Fragrance of happiness in the enchanted air!

Welcome! Oh friend!

For, this is the house of my master!

Everyone is equal here! 

And each one is a precious guest!

Overflowing in his divine Love!

All are dancing here!  

Dancing in this house of glory

In this blissful house!

There is no more death; no more salvation

Just colour and music!

No fear; no frustration

In this house of my master

There is only colour and music!

Dancing to the mystical music

Intoxicated on Love

I have lost my identity

I have truly lost my self!

Lost myself;   in this colour and music!

 Oh faithful friend !

You too must come; to this colour and music

You too, must lose your self

Oh! Loving friend!

Welcome home to this house of my master!

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