Friday, 10 January 2014


In this merry go round of life

Don't get too dizzy!

Don’t get too carried away!

What takes you up today!  

Will also you bring down!

You may feel high now

But you too, will hit the ground

Some care for you

Some don’t! 

You care for some

For some, you don’t! 

Despite all this entanglement! 

Whether you trip or not

We’ll all fall down!

Falling freely to the ground!

The one and all, fixed destination!

Each one, has only a different trajectory!  

Some enter early!

Some just linger!

Some leave you helpless!

Some; you just don’t care!  

Despite all of this disparity

Sooner or later!

All of us will end with a parthian thud!

So dear friend!  The heretic says!

Dive down with ebullience!  

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