Saturday, 11 January 2014


Walking barefoot on a deserted beach

The restless oceans roars

The cool sea breeze is no longer soothing

Each grain of sand I step on

Leaves me gritty with dissatisfaction

Dissatisfaction with life!

Dissatisfaction with existence itself!

Loneliness now; once solitude

Now an unbearable burden!

In this journey of life

I have walked too far away!

Too far away from the face of normality! 

Through roads not traveled by

Through mountains and valleys

To a jungle of thoughts and insight

I now stand  here alone!  

No one else can see my unprecedented plight!

No one else can feel; no one else can understand!

The view from my pointless eyes!

Too mystical for the scientific

Too scientific for the mystical

Too spiritual for the atheist

Too blasphemous for the pious

Too nihilistic; too eternal

Too cynical! Too philosophical!   

My words resonate as a mere heretic!  

Can’t anyone see the common face of reality?

Can’t anyone see the beauty of its sempiternal smile?

In this journey, to the peak of understanding

With no one to speak the same language

With no one to share the same cup of tea

Caught up in a forest of feelings

Oh! How long can I walk alone in silence? 

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